What is SOTL?  People call it the sound of a garage band in the hands of trained musicians.

Where is SOTL from?  Three different parts of the globe.  Which makes it a conspiracy. 

Influences?  People and places. New York City being a location we are all aesthetically connected to.

Should I play  SOTL for my mom?  You certainly could.  I am sure she'll get it.


Use three adjectives to describe SOTL.  We would say: Angular, deep, and round.  A music magazine might say: Soulful, explosive, and urban.

Is SOTL a jazz band?  No.

What should I say to people who asks me what kind of music SOTL is?  Technically speaking mention that it is instrumental music.  Also it's a trio.  For the rest, it's what we imagine soul music on steroids will sound like in 2054.  But that's personal...  You should come up with your own definition.